TPE 3D car mat

  • TPE raw materials, environmentally friendly and odorless

    TPE material is a thermoplastic elastomer material with high strength and high resilience. It can be used in high-end products such as baby products, medical devices, etc. It is also suitable for the production of automotive products. TPE footpad does not need vulcanization in the process of processing. By hot pressing, it can eliminate glue bonding and effectively solve the odor and formaldehyde problems caused by additives. Even in high temperature environment, it can be used normally.


  • Waterproof and dirty-resistant, easy to clean

    According to TPE has good extensibility and high elasticity, different diversion groove lines are specially designed for different types of vehicles to form a high-edge 3D design of integrated processing, which can effectively absorb dirt, mud and other smudges to keep the garage clean. With the TPE sheet's impermeability, it can be washed directly with water without damaging the surface of the foot pad, and the operation is simpler.


  • Comfortable, durable, safe and skid-proof

    TPE material guarantees good friction between the car mat and the car body. At the same time, TPE sheet has no air holes, and can almost integrate with the original car's inner, so it will not move during driving. its craftsmanship is fine, the material is mild nature, with the soft touch of hand like cork wood, the high elasticity of the material also ensures comfortable foot feeling while driving, and effectively alleviates foot fatigue.


  • Customized for different cars model, 3D Scanning ,Integrated Forming

    laser holographic scanner is used to scan for each car models according original car, to ensure the car mat and seat cover can match the original car. After laser mapping, 3D digital modeling, machine pressing and other one-time forming production, customized for each cars, seamlessly fits and integrates with the car.


  • Original car buckle, safe and non-displacement

    Many car owners’  car mat on driving room ofter moved s, which brings great potential dangerous in the process of driving. It is an urgent need for many car owners to fix the car mat well. The best way is to choose the car mat with the original car buckle. Yusen, 3D scanning according to the original cars , retains the original car's buckle position in the design of the car mat, firmly fixes the car mat on the car, easy to disassemble, and safer to drive. Avoid car mat sliding to lock the throttle or brake.